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Bach khoa Dormitory Regulations facebook Chia se len Twitter Email
Thứ bảy, 10 Tháng 10 năm 2020 14:53


Article 1. Control residence security

Dormitory opening time: from 5:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M (curfew, prohibit entry: from 12 P.M to 03:30 A.M).

1. Business contact: please wait at the lobby, the dormitory staff will pick guests up.

2. Dormitory card is required to enter and exit the gate: when scanning the card, there are images to protect identity. In other cases, an entry permit is required. Student’s New Year Festival (December 31st) is the opening day: relatives and friends are invited to visit the dormitory.

3. Students register for temporary residence and report their temporary absence for overnight absences according to regulations.

4. Take care of your own money, personal possessions - only allowed in/out dorm gate: books, school stationery, clothes, blankets, pillows and light personal belongings (stow no more than 2 suitcases).

Article 2. Comply with rules of fire prevention, always be vigilant to prevent fire and explosion of buildings

1. Do not cook or store cooking appliances in the room.

2. Do not smoke, do not light a fire or store explosive or flammable substances in the building; vehicle with gas leak is not allowed in the basement garage.

3. Electrical equipment must be checked for safety, it is imperative to unplug it from the power outlet when not using; regularly check the conductor sheath to avoid electric leakage and shock.

Article 3. Abide by the residence regulations and the terms signed in the rental contract

1. Prohibit: drugs and addictive substances; betting, gambling, card games, online games with gambling nature; anti-authority or pornographic films, photos and documents; assorted weapons, pointed knives.

2. Do not bring alcohol or alcoholic beverages into the residence.

3. Do not disturb public security and order: do not make noise, joke on the upper floors; walk gently, speak quietly, use headphones when listening to sound; turn off room lights after 12 P.M. Do not illegally enter the living and working places of other people and the areas where only specific people are allowed to enter.

4. Not accommodate, receive guests, friends from other rooms in the room; Men do not enter women's room area. Need to meet friends from other rooms: only meet on the ground floor, common rooms and upstairs lobby - no dating, chatting at the room door, hallway or in the stairs area.

5. Do not cause unsanitary in the dormitory: do not litter, do not organize eating and drinking in stairs area, common rooms, corridors and halls of stairs on the floor.

6. Not arbitrarily moving, repairing or improving furniture and equipment in the dormitory. Using equipment for the right purpose and functions, any damage must be compensated for the status quo.

Article 4. Fulfill the goal "Boarding for training", preserve the title: Cultured, Clean, Beautiful - Safe – Civilized Dormitory

1. Have a sense of discipline, responsibility to collectives and friends. Abide by the scale of accommodation assessment, harmonious living, solidarity, mutual support among friends; clean, beautiful, well-ventilated 5S room (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain); join clubs and extracurricular activities in the right place at the right time to improve health and career skills.

2. Strike for good academic results: keep quiet during self-study time from 8 P.M To 10 P.M (except Friday, Saturday); do not play games, watch movies continually and interfere with room learning.

3. Have civilized manners in community activities. Behave and communicate properly. Dress discreetly when leaving the room, be attentive when participating in meetings. Line up while waiting for elevators and crowded places; park vehicle in allocated spaces. Do not play with fire alarms, elevators. Do not leave personal belongings in public areas, do not keep others’ lost items as your own...

4. Be aware of saving electricity and water: voluntarily turn off all lights and fans when leaving the room, common room, or sports playground.


Bach Khoa Dormitory, October 10th, 2020


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